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Wide range of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans and Casablanca fans

Picking out the finest ceiling fan remote control could be strenuous because there is such a vast choice.
When choosing one for your particular needs, you must know whether it is compatible with the fan you want to pair it with, as well as know which functions you want to control remotely.

Usually, any ceiling fan remote control which is offered as a universal one should work for every ceiling fan brand and type.  Of course the more common the brand of your ceiling fan is, the more likely it is to find a compatible remote control for it.  For example, popular brands in the US, such as Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, or Hampton Bay fans are more easily paired with the universal remote controls available on Amazon.com. Some of the models, which you might want to look at when shopping for a ceiling fan remote control include:

The Hampton-Bay UC7078T ceiling fan remote control with a reverse function. This is an affordable and efficient tool for easy replacement of lost or broken remote controls for ceiling fans. With a price of $10 - shipping included, this small device is a true bargain. It has a reverse function, which will let you switch the directions of the fan, if it supports this function, of course. This universal device also has a button for controlling lighting and dimming of the lights. A wall mount is included in the package as well.

Another option for a great ceiling fan remote control which can be used for any ceiling fan, even if it doesn’t originally have remote control functions, is the Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit also available on Amazon.com. The kit includes the remote control itself, as well as a receiver kit, which must be placed in the foundation of the fan.  This remote control kit reportedly works with more than 95% of the US ceiling fans.  It too has a control of the light dimmer, as well as a choice of three speeds for the fan. Please note that the dimming control will only work with regular light bulbs.

The next ceiling fan remote control which you can easily order online is the Litex RCI-103 remote control. This one also comes in a kit with a receiver, which is very easily mounted in the canopy of any ceiling fan.  The Litex RCI-103 allows for the control the speed of the fan as well as the brightness of the lighting.  This nice little remote control can be used in a radius of up to 40 feet away from the ceiling fan itself. It is made for indoors but it will work with the vast majority of US ceiling fans, including the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.  It is slightly more expensive than other universal remotes for ceiling fans, but it is smaller, easy to install and use, and has a fan speed controlling option.

Another such device which is in the higher-end, is the Design House 154088 Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control available for ordering online.  This remote control works with almost all fans in the US, and allows users to control the fan speed and the light intensity separately.  The dimmer control for incandescent lighting and the three available speeds of the fan which users can choose from are the main functions of this ceiling fan remote control. It operates within a range of 30 feet.

Finally, the Universal Thermostatic Ceiling Fan & Light Remote Control Conversion Kit is another efficient device which works with most ceiling fans available in the US.  This one is probably the star in the group, because it offers a wider choice of features which users can control. It works with all kinds of ceiling fans, and even with those without a remote control feature.  The thermostat option allows users to pick a temperature at which the fan automatically is switched on or off, which is incredibly useful and cost-effective.  You can also be in command of several fans with this ceiling fan remote control.

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