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Quorum International 174525-995 Georgia 3-Light Patio Ceiling Fan
The Quorum International Ceiling fan producers have been offering beautifully designed, highly functional and energy efficient ceiling fans for over 30 years.

The Quorum International 174525-995 Georgia 3-Light Patio Ceiling Fan with Clear Hammered Glass and 52 inch Walnut ABS Blades, Old World Finish is another excellent example of the combination of style, functionality, durability and energy efficiency.

Made for the outdoors, this Quorum International Ceiling Fan is designed especially to suit people with a classic taste. It has a timeless design, which leaves the impression of the ceiling fan being an actual antique item, while actually it has a top-notch motor and modern functionality.

This Georgia 52 inch patio Quorum International Ceiling Fan stuns with its rich world finish and blade holders made from clear glass and shaped like leafs.  The three 40W candlebra incandescent light kit adds even more of that antique and classic style to this ceiling fan.

The motor of this durable but classic looking Quorum International Fan has 4 speeds and a reverse mode function.  It is energy efficient, and uses only 60 watts of electricity when it works at its highest speed.  This doesn’t mean that the air circulation it produces is insufficient though.  Actually, this model outdoor Quorum International Ceiling Fan will provide an airflow of 5,135 cubic feet per minute, so it will bring that cooling breeze in the hot summer evenings you spend outside.

Made from durable materials, this antique-styled ceiling fan will survive through wet and damp weather as well as heat and cold.

In fact, the classic and old world look of the Quorum International Ceiling Fan makes it suitable for indoors as well.

You can install this ceiling fan in any room or living space inside or outdoors, and it will still give the place an antique touch.

For easier control of the functions of this Quorum International fan and its lights, you can purchase a wall-mounted or hand-held remote control to operate the unit.

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