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The Twin Breeze II 74 inch oil rubbed bronze outdoor fan from the Harbor Breeze fans series is one which definitely catches the eye.  The unique twin design makes it look different than most of the other products being offered on the market.

This is one of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans made especially for outdoor use, so it can be positioned on the terrace, the patio, the front porch or in extra-large rooms of over 20 x 20 feet, so as to provide that so needed fresh air breeze in the hot summer days and nights.

Even though some customers who have chosen to purchase and review this Twin Breeze II model from the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans series have complained that the airflow which it provides is insufficient, others have declared that they are content with the breeze which the two twin fans generate in the scorching hot summer days.

Being made specifically for outdoor use, this fan has a damp location usage rating, which allows it to remain functional and unharmed even around pools or in humid weather conditions.
The color of this fan is oil rubbed bronze, and the six blades of the two separate fans have a brown wicker finish.  It is fitted with a light kit with two bulbs of up to 120 watts.  It is made of frosted glass, and acts like a centerpiece to this beautiful fan.

The 74 inch Twin Breeze II fan from the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans product line has an AC motor with three speeds and a reversible function.  The speed is controlled via a pull chain.  Like the other fans from this brand, this model is offered with a limited lifetime warranty on the motor plus a two year guarantee on the other parts.

There have been complaints from some of the customers who already own one or more of these particular Harbor Breeze fans that they seem of a poorer quality and slightly less durable than the typical ceiling fan from the Harbor Breeze fans brand.

On the contrary, other reviews written by customers who have chosen to buy one of these fans are very positive, and claim that the Twin breeze II from Harbor Breeze ceiling fans has one of the finest and most standout designs along with great durability and quality.

For users who  want to add an easier control option for their ceiling fan, this particular model works with the universal remote control units which are being offered on the market.  The remote can be synched to the Twin breeze II fan to switch it on and off, choose speeds and reverse the spinning direction of both fans.

Probably, the biggest pro of this particular model is that this twin fan although it has an amazing design, it still is positioned among the lower price range Harbor Breeze ceiling fans which are being sold online and offline at the moment.  Its unique design and its affordability makes it very popular among people who are seeking out the ideal fan for their outdoor space or their big living areas.
The price is definitely lower than many of the other twin fans which are currently being offered by other producers.

The fact that this particular fan consists of a light kit centerpiece and two separate fans with three blades each does make the installation of the Twin Breeze II a tad trickier than the mounting of a regular ceiling fan, but yet, the design is so unique and the price is so attractive that it is definitely worth the efforts.
Even though the installation manual is very well written, it will be helpful to have someone assisting you when putting this unique Harbor Breeze ceiling fan together and installing it on your ceiling.  After all, it is two fans combined in one product.
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