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Craftmade Warplane “Black Sheep” Ceiling Fan
Inspired by the “Black sheep” Second World War squadron led by legendary Colonel Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, this colorful and very original Craftmade ceiling fan is a tribute to the historic heroes, and is an excellent accessory for a boy’s room, a hobby room, or any other room of your choice.

This original Craftmade fan is cleverly colored in blue, black, white, yellow with a touch of red, and replicates the propellers of the warplanes flown by this famous Squadron.

The Craftmade Warplane “Black Sheep” Ceiling Fan is easily installed and mounted by flush mount.  It also comes with a remote control for easier operation of the unit.

There is an optional lighting kit to this pretty Craftmade ceiling fan with one halogen light bulb which can be added to this cool ceiling fan.

This unique model of the Craftmade fans series is easily assembled and installed, and has a 30 years limited motor warranty given by the producer.

It is suitable even for the room of babies, since it helps circulate the air and keep the room at the right temperature at a lower cost, and is quiet as well, so the baby can sleep uninterrupted.

With a span of 42 inches, these propeller-like blades are rotated silently by a modern and quiet motor, the “Black sheep” warplane ceiling fan is at the guaranteed quality of all the Craftmade ceiling fans available.

The original design of this ceiling fan will keep your child and its guests both entertained and cooled or heated depending on the season.  The fun combined with the function of this Craftmade ceiling fan is what makes this particular Craftmade ceiling fan a perfect item for your child’s room or any other premise you choose. 

You can order it now, and easily assemble and install it to bring joy for your children and to dramatically lower bills for cooling and heating as well.

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