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Wide range of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans and Casablanca fans

Unlike the Harbor Breeze fans which are one of the many private brands owned by the hardware retail giant Lowe’s, Casablanca fans are made by the Casablanca Fan Company which ever since 1974 has been specialized in producing high quality ceiling fans.

When the company established by Burton A. Burton first started producing ceiling fans, they were made for commercial use, and were belt-driven. After the energy crisis of the 1970’s in the US, ceiling fans for domestic use became very popular, and the demand was growing for these cooling and much more energy efficient home appliances, which would partly or fully replace the air conditioning units from this time.

This is when the design and production of Casablanca fans for domestic and residential use really began.

Through the years, the Casablanca Fan Company has evolved, and today more than four decades later, the Casablanca fans are one of the best known and highly sought ceiling fans.

Today, the company offers a wide range of high quality Casablanca fans to suit any taste or need.
The Casablanca Fan Company prides itself in the high quality and distinct character of its ceiling fans.  This according to the owners of this renowned company is due to the unique personality and passion of those who have worked and are continuing to work on their design and their production.

Casablanca fans have been known to have very distinctive designs, high quality, and always in line with the latest innovations and tendencies in the ceiling fans market.
These ceiling fans have been offered to the end-customers via some quite unique marketing techniques, and attractive customer promotions and stand-out advertisements.

So, forty years after they first started making their way in American homes, Casablanca fans are still one of the most preferred ceiling fan brands, along with harbor breeze ceiling fans.

They are offered in so many styles and designs, that they are suitable for any home, office, outdoor space or any other premise.  Not only are they attractive, but Casablanca fans are also designed and produced with a quality which allows for their use for a very long time.  So, Casablanca fans have and will continue to provide comfort and cool air to American homes for years to come. In fact, the owners of the company advertise their products as ceiling fans which will be enjoyed for generations to come.

The company prides itself with the fact that the Casablanca fans which it offers are all engineered in a way to provide the maximum energy efficiency and yet to function properly and according to the expectations of even the most pretentious customers.

The catalogue of the company reveals a wide variety of Casablanca fans, with a huge choice of designs, motors, blades, lighting and control options.  The new ceiling fans from Casablanca Fans company are all ENERGY STAR® certified and qualified, which means that that they are very high energy efficient, and their light bulbs are from the highest energy saving class.

Despite the large variety of models of Casablanca fans offered by the company, it also offers its customer an unique opportunity to customize their own ceiling fan, and order a Casablanca fan with the motor, size, design and blade-shape of their choice.

So, now anybody can design their own perfect ceiling fan right on the Company’s official website.  Again they can rest assured that only the best motors, the best materials and engineering will be put into the production of their very own Casablanca fans, because the Casablanca Fan Company want every one of its customers to be happy with their purchase. The clients who choose to buy one or more of these ceiling fans will also get one of the best warrantee and after sale service programs on the market.

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