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If you are dreaming of buying a  pure white, powerful and energy efficient ceiling fan for your home or office, then the 54 inch 59510 Panama DC snow white, five blade ceiling fan from the Casablanca fans series could be the exact one for you.

The snow white color and the snow white matte blades, makes this one of the Casablanca fans which is suitable for any kind of home or room.  The design will look good with almost any type of interior design in a home.

This excellent ceiling fan from the Casablanca fans series, along with some of the recent harbor breeze ceiling fans which are available for order online have proven to be some of the most highly preferred models around, or at least one of the most highly praised by satisfied customers.

The snow white Panama ceiling fan from the Casablanca fans range is Energy Star certified for high energy efficiency, and comes with a easy to use remote control with which the six speeds of the fan can be regulated, as well as the reverse function of the five blades, as well as the control of an additional light dimming function for the optional light kit.  The fan also has a 3inch down rod for manually controlling the unit as well.

Like the other Casablanca fans, this ceiling fan is produced using a high-end DC motor, which allows for better air circulation in bigger rooms and at a greater energy efficiency.

In fact, this particular Panama DC ceiling fan from Casablanca fans is capable of moving more cubic feet of air and at the same time use much less energy.  The motor is capable of spinning the snow-white blades in five different speeds, and can supply greater rooms and premises with sufficient air circulation.
The Panama was the first ceiling fan with five blades, and today it is an all-American classic design, which is still preferred by a large number of customers from all over the country.

This snow white beauty will keep a big room cool or warm, depending on the season, and the best part is that the powerful motor is actually very quiet, so it is suitable for about any room in the house.
Like the other Casablanca fans, this snow white Panama DC ceiling fan is sold with a 120 day in-home service warrantee, a lifetime warrantee from the DC motor and a one year guarantee for all electrical and fan parts.

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