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About us page ceilingfanmodels.com
Thank you for taking interest in our About us page.  My name is Valeri, and I run the ceilingfanmodels.com website.
This is a website specializing in finding the best types and models of ceiling fans for indoors or outdoors, and reviewing the products, their design, efficiency and functionality.

My interest toward the various types and functioning of ceiling fans started in my early childhood.  Even today, I remember the hot summer evenings at my grandma’s house in the country, when we sat on the porch, drinking cool sweet lemonade, and I listened to the magical stories she loved to tell me.   The sweetness of the home made lemonade and the curious stories my grandma told me are a mixture of feelings and sensations I will probably never forget.  Along with the sweetness and curiosity, the experience was complemented by the constant rush of cool breeze caressing my body, which used to be sun scorched from all the time I spent playing games in the summer fields. 

The ceiling fan was an old, slowly rotating wooden ceiling fan placed on the porch which caused the hot air to cool down.
Since then, my nostalgia has led me to become more interested in the traditional and the contemporary ceiling fans, which are one of the symbols of the traditional American home. 
I started off with reviews of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, being one of my favorites, but of course have tried to gather and create the most objective and truthful reviews for models from producers other than Harbor Breeze Fans, which I consider worthy of the public’s attention.

After some in-depth analysis and research, I have strived to add as many unique, classic or contemporary, indoors or outdoors, mini and macro ceiling fans I consider my favorites, so that I help you find the best model for yourself.
I still feel that ceiling fans are a traditional accessory for every American home, and that they will not only bring beauty and style to your home, office or restaurant, but will also help you dramatically lower your air conditioning prices in the summer and the heating prices in the winter.

Please, welcome to ceilingfanmodels.com.  Feel free to comment and ask at: contact form
I truly hope I can help you find the best ceiling fan to suit your needs and taste.