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Ceiling fans are a commonplace item in nearly every American residence and office space, but the true predecessors of the modern day ceiling fans were first made and used in the 17th century in India, when servants back in those days operated the primitive fans manually.

In 1886, a man named John Hunter along with his son James created the first belt-driven ceiling fan with whirling blades and powered by water.  This was the first step made toward the introduction of mechanical ceiling fans, and it also led to the startup of one of the leading US fan producers – the Hunter Fan Company, located in Memphis.

The first electrical powered ceiling fans were first made in the 1890’s, but since very few homes back then had electricity, they were first made for factories and public buildings.

Only did ceiling fans become household items in the 1920’s, and they were initially made for the higher class residents of luxury homes which had electricity and high ceilings.

It was actually after World War II ended, that the ceiling fan became an affordable and commonplace piece of equipment for the average American home.

Other leading companies in the ceiling fan business have emerged, but today one of the top recognizable brands on the American market undoubtedly is Harbor Breeze fans.

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are produced by the popular hardware retailer Lowe’s.  What started back in 1946 as a single hardware store in North Carolina has now turned into the second biggest hardware retailer in the world.  And as such, the producer has invested in creating and constantly improving the Harbor Breeze fans brand.

Currently, there is a vast range of models and types of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans which can be purchased from a number of retails stores and can also be ordered online.
The wide choice allows for even the pickiest customers to select the perfect model from the Harbor Breeze fans range for their home or office space.

The models of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans offered in stores vary in sizes, shape and purpose.  There are special ceiling fans made for commercial use, and others which are specifically designed for residential use.  Also, there are series of Harbor Breeze fans which are made for outdoor spaces and others which are made for indoor use only.

The customers who are in search of the ideal ceiling fan to suit their needs are offered an overwhelming choice of different sizes of the Harbor Breeze fans, as well as a overwhelming choice of designs and types – ranging from the classic designs to the latest state-of-art products.

This allows for practically anybody to be able to pick the perfect ceiling fan from the Harbor Breeze fans product line to meet their specific needs, taste and desires.

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fans which can be purchased via a number of Internet stores online are sold with installation manuals, along with detailed instructions for use and safety precautions. Usually, all the models are easy to install, so they can be mounted by the buyers themselves without the need of professional help and tools.

The modern Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are created to provide a safe, quiet and yet effective performance, and ensure that the air circulation in the room or other space is sufficient for the needs of the inhabitants, while being perfectly safe and energy efficient.

What is great about the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan range is that the various models offered are affordable, and improve the energy efficiency and lower the air conditioning and heating bills of their owners as well.

So, rarely is it a case that someone is looking for the ceiling fan to suit their very specific needs and particular taste and design of the living or working space, to be left unsatisfied after browsing through the huge choice offered by the well-known American brand – Harbor Breeze fans.

The numerous online reviews and user forums discussing these fans is also an advantage, for those who like to take the time to perform their own market research before choosing the right ceiling fan for their needs. Given the popularity of ceiling fans in the US, it comes to no surprise that there are quite a few manufacturers on the market.

For example, Casablanca fans is another renowned brand which was established about four decades ago, when founder Burton Burton first began producing commercial ceiling fans, and later on turned to making unique and high quality Casablanca fans for the homes of the people of America.  Today, the distinctive designs of the Casablanca ceiling fans still draw old and new clients to this leading manufacturer.  The high quality, durability and the innovative and yet timeless design of the Casablanca fans make them one of the most prominent brands in the US.

Minka Aire ceiling fans is another well-recognized brand name in the US ceiling fans market.  Designed and manufactured by the Minka Group, these ceiling fans are often considered to be works of art.  With their exquisite design and surprisingly affordable prices, these fans have been an ever so popular brand both in retail stores as well as on online stores.  This is just one of the many brands offered by the Minka Group, which also offers decorative lighting products from the Minka Lavery, Metropolitan, George Kovacs, Great Outdoors and the Ambience series.

Of course, the inventors of the first mechanical ceiling fans, Hunter ceiling fans is still one of most preferred brands available at the market.  After being in the business for such a long time, the company has affirmed its position as a top manufacturer and is still recognized as a pioneer in this area.

Another producer who deserves to be mentioned is Craftmade ceiling fans.  Even though it has been in existence for “only” about 25 years, the company behind these beautiful and affordable designs has managed to create and maintain its high reputation among buyers. By combining aesthetics and high quality along with an attractive price tag, the Craftmade ceiling fans have earned their place in the top spots of the market.

The Emerson ceiling fans are another widely recognized brand in the US.   With a history and the experience accumulated from over 100 years, the products offered by this company are still preferred by customers because of its excellent reputation of offering products with high quality, reliability and “moving air with style.”
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